"The Dinner Series" featured on Chef's Roll

What can I say about working with Ferrel and Ty at Rooster & the Till that hasn't already been said? These dudes pay so much attention to detail and presentation. The energy they put into R&tT and the experience you have is unlike anywhere else in Tampa, or maybe Florida in general. Check out this article on Chef's Roll about "The Dinner Series" program. It's an honor to get to design for this restaurant and my friends. It's pretty rad to art direct the programming of this fine establishment. 

New Prints!

I put together a new print that will be available in the shop soon. These prints list the surf spots I've come to surf since living in the Outer Cape. The names of these beaches have changed over time, the older generation having their names along with today's new names. The art comes from photos of waves that have been textured to create a hurricane looking swirl. The type was chosen to show that same dichotomy between old and new. Hurricane swells pop-up in the fall, which bring in some of the better waves on hand here, which is why I chose to use this harvest orange color. Looking to harvest some more waves soon, know what I mean...

Prints are 18x24, Edition of 50. Single color on 100lb. French Construction White